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September 11, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

re Jim Reed for Mayor, City of Paso Robles, CA

I am a resident of the City of Paso Robles. I will vote for Jim Reed in the November elections. Mr. Reed is well aware of the Mayor’s bias against the residents of Paso Robles. I believe, as Mayor, Jim Reed will work at evenhanded representation for all taxpayers while listening to your opinions as he has discussed in his platform.

Councilman Reed’s attempts to bring information have been obstructed and denied by the present Mayor. All the while, the government is run by unelected and mostly unaccountable bureaucrats with little oversight of the Council. Councilman Reed has had ample exposure to the current Mayor’s bias against the residents of Paso Robles. Other issues of the current Mayor are the lack of financial responsibility and continued remarks of passing off bad work to the future Mayor and City Council.

Jim Reed, over the past four years, has fixed many issues for the City. Jim is focused and ready to work on the continued City experiences of prosperity and economic vitality. Jim wants to make sure that the citizens are benefitting from this prosperity.


Rosemary Robbins
1759 Miller Court
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Rosemary Robbins , Paso Robles

Jim Reed for Paso Robles Mayor

I am supporting City Councilman Jim Reed for Mayor of Paso Robles for three simple reasons. 


Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency.


HONESTY – Jim Reed might be one of the most honest people that I have known. There are no secrets. There is no hidden agenda which is far more than I can say about our current Mayor, Steve Martin. Jim ran for City Council for one specific reason. To make a difference in favor of the residents of Paso Robles. To make our city government more user-friendly and less expensive. However, that apparently flies in the face of our current mayor’s agenda as he has done his best, with the help of the current City Council and staff, to block most of Jim’s efforts to change things for the better at City Hall.


INTEGRITY – Jim possesses exceptional integrity. If Jim Reed gives his word you can count on him. His sole purpose in his quest to occupy the Mayor’s office is to restore this level of integrity to our city government. To cut down if not eliminate the current city staff and mayoral practice of manipulating public opinion, to a predetermined staff conclusion, through the overuse of expensive ‘consultants’ that are hired to sway public opinion through so-called ‘outreach’ programs. The Creston Road project is a perfect example of this kind of manipulation, chasing grant money in favor of doing the right thing for the city’s future development. Jim believes that Creston Road should be two lanes each way with adequate bike lanes to accommodate future development. Not a single two-lane road with an ill-advised roundabout placed only to attract grant money from the state.


TRANSPARENCY – With Councilman Jim Reed what you see is what you get. Jim believes that the public has the right to full government exposure of the city’s here to for hidden agenda. For example, he doesn’t think that our city government should deny building projects, that are properly zoned because our city staff has decided that something else should be there in the future. Jim has personally experienced this unwritten roadblock himself in the past and thinks that it should be completely eliminated. Property owners have actually lost their properties to mortgage obligations because city staff delayed a properly zoned project for months and even years behind an unpublished hidden staff agenda. Jim believes that if the General Plan needs to be edited or the zoning regulations need to be changed then do those things in a public hearing, not behind closed doors or at clandestine staff meetings.


For these three simple reasons and a whole lot more I am encouraging you to please vote for Jim Reed for Mayor of Paso Robles on November 6th, 2018.

Cody Ferguson , Paso Robles

I am glad to see Jim Reed run for Mayor of Paso Robles. I have known Jim for several years, he is a common-sense conservative who believes in less government and increased opportunity for all. He believes a government should provide solutions to the people it serves, not problems. Jim is a small businessman who understands the negative effects of increased government regulations and costs on small business. He is a common sense problem solver who would make a fine Mayor for Paso Robles.

John Texeira , Paso Robles