Creston Road


The council recently accepted a grant for about 4 million dollars to make repairs to Creston Road.

They decided to keep the road to 2 lanes and add a roundabout. Because of the 16 feet of bicycle lane influence, there isn’t enough room for a 12-foot-wide lane adequate for trucks. There is planning for another 13,000 new residents on the east side of Paso.  This is an incredibly short-sided decision made for a main arterial road through town.  The mayor made the comment to me that when the road becomes a problem, let the council at that time fix it.

So much for fiscal responsibility.

And the city just applied for a grant from the same people for Niblick Road.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  Just like Creston Road, I expect to see only two driving lanes, a roundabout and 16 feet for bicycles.