Animal Shelter


I have been against the animal shelter proposal from the beginning.

We almost stayed out of the county’s ridiculously expensive new $14 million animal shelter.

After a lengthy negotiation, we are back to participating in the county’s incredibly expensive plan.

The city made an agreement some years back for about $35,000 per year to handle the city’s animal services, but it didn’t take long for the costs to escalate to about $250,000 per year.  The new plan starts at nearly $500,000 per year for our share, and there is no reason to doubt that we will be paying much more than this proposed amount in the near future.

There is supposedly some agreement with the county to control costs for a few years.  But I am skeptical.

This is an egregious misuse of government funds for a handful of stray dogs.  Other options need to be found.  There a lot more important things we could use these funds for.